28 Day Trial-Transformation

Do You Want to Lose 10 lbs and Drop 4 Inches Off Your Waist in JUST 28 Days?

Now you can testdrive our body re-shaping transformation program for 28 days and get amazing results, FAST…even if you’re completely out of shape and currently on a steady diet of cheeseburgers and Pizza…(We’ll get you out of the ‘rut’).

  • What is the 28 Day Trial Transformation?

It’s an opportunity for you to experience...

  • Amazing results without the ‘suffering’ that comes with most training and nutrition program…(you’ll need new pants after the 28 days)
  • Our fun and result driven training programs that will give you twice the results in half the time…(and actually have fun doing it)
  • Our amazing team of trainers and friendly community of clients that help hold you accountable to your goals and keep you on track…(you’ll see why people refer to IMPACT as a ‘Family’)
  • Everything you will need to feel confident about enrolling in our longer-term transformation programs…(which is where the MAGIC happens)
  • Is This Really A Program for Me?

Maybe…or maybe NOT

This is the perfect program for you if…

  • You’re tired of your clothes not fitting the way you want and you feel the need to buy clothes that hide your ‘problem areas’ …and are now ready to FINALLY do something about it.
    Most of our clients have to buy new pants after 4 short weeks because their waist shrunk 4+ inches.
  • You want long-lasting results using SUSTAINABLE strategies so that you NEVER yo-yo diet and exercise again.
    If it’s not sustainable or leads to something sustainable, quickly…we DON’T do it…if you get results by using a strategy that makes you feel miserable and overwhelms you – how long do you think you can keep the results before falling right back into the bad habits that pour the pounds on?
  • You’re not afraid of ‘getting your hands dirty’ and working hard…
    I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass…Complete Body Transformations aren’t “easy”…but we make it as “easy” on you as possible by making everything you do ‘push-button’ simple and easy-to-follow…ZERO guesswork is needed on your end…However, you still need to work hard….simple isn’t always easy.
  • You’re worried about not having enough time to look and feel the way you want…
    Our system is very unique – we’ll be able to get you amazing results, fast, just by having you train in the gym 3 short hours a week…  One of our ‘secret sauce recipes’ for quick transformations is how easy we make it to train and how we’re able to maximize your training with a few tricks and hacks so that you don’t have to spend countless hours (that you don’t have)in the gym to get results.
  • You’re a genuinely good person that enjoys supportive communities that have fun, laugh, work hard and train listening to loud music…
    The culture here, from coaches to members are full of support and encouragement...our coaches/Trainers are relentlessly helping each individual client achieve their goals to look and feel amazing…without using lame motivation or shaming tactics like screaming and talking down to you.
  • Who This Program Is NOT For…

This program is NOT going to be for you if you’re the type of person that…

  • Is looking for a magic pill or overnight “gimmick” to help them get their dream body
    Let me help you out…it doesn’t exist, sorry…but if you still believe in that ‘unicorn’ - by all means…keep looking – but you won’t find it here, so we’re probably NOT the best fit.
  • Just wants to kick some tires on a few gyms and look for the cheapest deal…
    We’re NOT cheap…that’s because we’re great at what we do, have a track record a mile long of transforming peoples bodies and lives…. and we guarantee your RESULTS

So if you’re just looking for the cheapest deal – we’re not going to be a good fit.

I would recommend you check out ‘deal of the day’ websites if you’re looking for the cheapest solution….but I can’t guarantee you’ll get results.


  • What Do I Get In The 28 Day Trial Transformation?


  • Unlimited Access To Our Bootcamp
    Our fun, safe and dynamic bootcamps accelerate the process of burning fat and getting lean…Using our Unique and super-effective Formula for designing each bootcamp allows any individual, advanced or beginner, to train together with the perfect amount of intensity for quick results, safely.


  • 28 Day ‘Fat Blast’ Nutrition Plan
    This is our easy to follow nutrition plan that Removes all the annoying guesswork and maps out EVERY meal and snack for EVERY DAY of the week…(This is NOT a crash diet – And is incredibly powerful even if you only followed 80% of it)


  • Access to an AMAZING support system and community of coaches that GIVE A DAMN about you and your results.
    We’ll be your biggest advocates and fans – we’ll always hold you accountable to your goals but never JUDGE or SHAME you for the actions you do or don’t take…we’re a family here(the good kind) and treat one another like it.

This Sounds Great!...How Do I Get Started?

It’s very simple…

All you need to do is fill out the short form below and an Impact coach will contact you to give you more details (including prices) and make sure you'd be a good fit for our program

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