Are You Tough Enough? (Free Tough Mudder Challenge Prep Course)

I love September. Don’t you? The month of September can’t miss in my book.

If it’s overcast, gray, raining – it’s more than likely welcomed due to the August heat.

If it is beautiful and sunny, then it’s equally if not more awesome than the welcomed coolness. Because a beautiful sunny day in the PNW is unbeatable.

I mean are you kidding me when you look around where we live?

The beautiful Sound. The deep, clean air. The abundance of green. The Big Mama Mt. Tahoma (aka Rainier) sitting on her throne looking over her kingdom…it’s fuckin crazy/wild/beautiful.

Of all the places that people inhabit on this Earth, think how fortunate we are that we get to live here… People fly from all over the world to spend time here -especially this time of year.

What I also love about this time of year is that the annual Tough Mudder comes to town.

You know –  the thing with the electrical wires that shock the shit out of you, the 10+miles of slogging/running/crawling/jumping/scaling/climbing/swinging/laughing through mud with your friends?

Yeah – that thing. And it’s a BLAST.

Don’t get me wrong – this shit’s hard. It’s over 10 miles… I mean, I fist pump when I have walked 10,000 steps on my fitbit by the end of the day (and 10,000 steps only equals roughly 5 MILES… gulp.)

You gotta be in “relatively good shape” to get through this thing and not limp across the finish line feeling like you just got put through the meat grinder.

“Relatively good shape” of course is completely subjective. But after having now done 3 of these things in a row with the Impact Familia, I feel like I have a gained some legitimate perspective on what someone needs to be able to do mentally and physically in order to finish the Tough Mudder standing tall and high fiving your way across the finish line.

What’s Required Mentally:

  • A fuckin righteous attitude
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously – and if you do take it seriously, relax man – no one cares how fast you ran the Tough Mudder
  • You really support Tough Mudder’s Mantra of “Leave no Mudder Behind” this shit’s all about struggling together with your people. It’s not a race. It’s a challenge. Help each other out and enjoy yourself.
  • Tribe mentality – to repeat my last bullet point, you need to be in it not for yourself, but for your tribe. If you’re running by yourself in the Tough Mudder – that’s cool I guess. At the same time I feel your experience will be dramatically enhanced if you do this with a band of like minded compatriots. People are fucking lonely. We’re communal beings. The Tough Mudder is an intimate way of engaging with complete strangers and not have it be socially tabboo to drag complete strangers up by their foot up an American Ninja Warrior style quarter ramp. (IT’S HYSTERICAL FYI) But the Tough Mudder is an amazing team builder. So I’m STOKED to be doing this with my Impact team every year.
  • There tends to be a little bit of masochism in your blood if you enjoy this shit. And it’s interesting to see what type of people this attracts. There’s a certain elemental bond of enjoying the fucking struggle and being uncomfortable. You have to be the type of cat who derives pleasure by testing their mettle.

Feel me?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys being comfortable at all times      (borrrriiinnng) than you probably won’t enjoy this. More importantly,  however, if you prioritize comfort over challenge, good luck in life. You won’t grow. You won’t thrive. You’ll coast.
I’m not saying that if you don’t do the Tough Mudder you’re a pussy. I’m just taking the opportunity to call people out on their mediocrity. You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

Level up family!

What’s Required Physically

  • You need to be able to run 5 miles comfortably. Yes, the course is over 10 miles on rough terrain and has 20 sumthin + obstacles you need to tackle as well. If you can run 5 comfortably, you can slug 10 out uncomfortably. And you’re going to be uncomfortable anyways, so who cares if the last 5 miles seems like it takes twice as long as the first 5?
  • Your body needs to be sturdy. If you don’t move well to begin with – you’re more than likely going to walk away with some injuries. Sprained knee, twisted up back, wrecked ankle joints, etc.

So what’s the “sturdy” prereq’s to do this thang you ask? Well, according to Drew Ragan, CSCS  Co-Owner of Impact Strength and Performance in Bellevue, Washington (I was just pretending I was writing for Men’s Health) to be Sturdy you need to be in solid standing of yourself. You need to own your movement. You need to be in tune with how you produce motion and are consciously aware of your physical being in space more often than not. You command how your body produces movement, not the other way around.

To be sturdy – I personally feel relates more to one’s relative strength than their max strength. If you have legit relative strength, more likely than not you’re stronger than the average Joe in the max strength department anyways. No – you’re not a top level powerlifter, but who cares how much weight you lift bro?

If you’re a dude – you need to be able to –

  1. Bust out 20 pushups no sweat.
  2. Bust out 10 pull-ups and not care
  3. Do a few hundred bodyweight walking lunges and have a casual conversation about politics or whatever hysterical topic.
  4. Have decent mobility (you can touch your toes, you can hit most some standard yoga poses without looking like your’e going to snap in two.)
  5. Have some meat on you. If you’re a frail lil’ thing you’re going to get beat up. Get some body armor on you and stand in your manhood.

If you’re a babe – it’s relatively the exact same standards when I think about it. You’re a human being just like men. Yes, you are at a genetically physical disadvantage in terms of being able to produce as much testosterone as men (which is the primary anabolic hormone in our bodies that builds lean muscle mass).

So it just means that what might come more natural for men is just going to possibly require more practice for women to achieve similar physical and performance capabilities.

Having been a professional in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now (and by pro I mean I get paid to do it, I’ve been in love with fitness/strength/personal development since I was a kid… but anyways) I know a ton of chicks who are stronger than the majority of dudes who walk this planet.

So if you’re a lady and you’re thinking “if those are the number standards Drew thinks you need to be capable of performing to do the Tough Mudder, than NO WAY IN HELL can I do it.”


Those numbers (I personally feel) reflect what one needs to be able to do if they were running this thing all by themselves, with absolutely zero help from anyone the entire course.

Fortunately – we do this as a team. And we help each other the entire way. We’ve had men and women who weren’t capable of doing 1 pull-up or 5 perfect pushups cross the finish line with us AND have a fat grin on their face.

It takes a village my people. No man is an island -especially in the Tough Mudder.

As a team, the Impact Fam is running it Saturday AM, September 24th. If you’d like to run with us, sign up and register with our team.

Comment below and I’ll send you the registration link to sign up with our team.

You have 24 days to physically prep for this event.

So starting today, I’ve created a simple program for you to follow if you’d like to run with us.

It is an easy to implement strength training and running schedule. If you don’t participate in Impact Bootcamp’s or Semi Private Training sessions currently (why aren’t u!? They’re awesome/fun/result-driven/challenging and did I say fun?) then perform one of your own Full Body Metabolic Strength Sessions on your own. (FBMSSOO)

At the bottom of the training program I’ve provided a link to a youtube playlist for some at home workouts you can do to use as your FBMSSOO’s.  I filmed them 5 years ago – I look like a young gun! Either way – the workouts are still legit and are incredibly effective at getting a full body pump and creating the desired outcome we are out to achieve (Tough Mudder Sturdy).

When looking at the program and you read “jog” it’s preferable if you find some trails to jog through to get used to the shifty terrain. It takes a different toll on your body than hitting the pavement with your Nikes.

Although I don’t have it written into the workout, you need to make sure you prioritize your personal DAILY movement maintenance by stretching, foam rolling, mobilizing, and opening yourself up.

Use the RPE chart (Rate of Perceived Exertion) below to base your exertion levels off of during the prescribed exertion rates for the jogging days.


So when reading “3 mile jog @ 6-7” in the Tough Mudder Prep Guide, it means at a “vigrorous activity” level according to the RPE scale.
Side note – I wouldn’t get swept up in enthusiasm if you don’t have a decent level of fitness established currently in your life. This isn’t a couch to 5k program. You might not be able to hit the above (made up by me) numbers I personally recommend – but if you’re somewhere in the ball park (+ the help of your team) you’ll be able to not only complete the Tough Mudder, you’ll LOVE THE CHALLENGE AND BE PRESENT IN EVERY MOMENT OF IT.


The 23 Days to Tough Mudder Plan

Day 1 – Impact Bootcamp OR Full Body Metabolic Strength Session On Own. (FBMSSOO)

Day 2 – 1 mile jog @ 2-3

Day 3– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 4 – 2 mile jog @ 2-3

Day 5– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 6 – 2 mile log @ 4-5

Day 7– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 8 – 3 mile jog @ 4-5

Day 9– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 10 – 4 mile jog @ 4-5

Day 11– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 12 – 3 mile jog @ 6-7

Day 13– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 14 – 5 mile jog @ 6-7

Day 15– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 16 – 6-7 mile jog @ 4-5

Day 17– Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 18 – 5 Mile Jog @ 6-7

Day 19 – Impact Bootcamp OR FBMSOO

Day 20 – 3.5 mile light jog @6-7

Day 21 – Impact OR FBMSOO

Day 22 –Active Recovery. Walk. Stretch. Relax


FBMSOO Vids (if you go to the vid on Youtube you’ll see the playlist to the right) –

Will you absolutely CRUSH the TM by following this plan exactly?

Hell yes.

If you’re the type of person who can read this article and actually go and perform what’s prescribed – you’re more than likely also the type of person who is generally successful in life anyways.

So if you follow this plan to the T, you’ll do great. Not necessarily because the quality of the program (even though it is simple and effective) but because you’re the type of person who says they’re going to do something than they actually go and do it.

You see a good plan and you follow it. Doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

How often does that happen though?

Well, what type of person are you? Do you constantly find yourself unsatisfied with where you currently are in life?

If you answer YES to the above question, than more often than not it’s not the plan that’s not the reason for your lack of success. Granted there are shitty plans out there. People get led astray on bad advice all the time in all areas of life.

But if it’s a consistent problem in your life – than more than likely you are the problem. Not the plan.

So here’ s my challenge to you (who are local) –

Run the Tough Mudder with us.

Post a video of yourself doing these workouts every day for the next 24 days (Starting Today) and tag me (Drew Ragan) on Facebook with the hashtags #toughmudder and #impactfam

Complete ALL of the workouts, post yourself performing them (doesn’t have to be you filming the whole workout) just you during it for a moment or right after your training session, and tag me along with the hashtags. Prove to YOURSELF that you are capable of following a plan and as a result you can successfully cross the Tough Mudder Finish Line.

If you can follow this plan for the next 24 days, there isn’t anything in this life that you won’t be able to tackle.

For those of you who are reading this and aren’t in the Greater Seattle Area – if you do the exact same thing listed above for local peeps, I’ll send you (FOR FREE) Impact’s Bodyweight Training Bundle ($97 + value)

The Bodyweight Bundle includes –

  • Our 12-Week Metabolic Conditioning Guide to get your cardiovascular system in PEAK shape
  • Our Bodyweight Metabolic Finisher Guide (tons of fun bodyweight workouts with video demonstrations of each movement)
  • Our Choose your Own Adventure Nutrition Guide that teaches you how to eat clean and make sure you are eating the right amount of calories and macros FOR YOUR BODY.

So what do you say?

What type of person are you? Do you lean into a challenge or step away back into safety? (I’m writing this with a devilish grin on my face).

I challenge you!

Join us and demonstrate how much power YOU have.

Much love family!





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