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Do you have 10 minutes to spare today?

I sure hope so – because if you don’t have 10 minutes then you don’t have a life.

With the birth of our son, the amount of time that I used to dedicate daily towards my career and my training has shifted in a major way.

I can’t work/be in the gym ALL DAY anymore. That’s pretty much what I’ve done for 6 straight years. If I wasn’t physically creating something for Impact (programs, systems, training nutrition guides, member challenges, etc.)  I was reading or learning something to contribute to my personal and professional development.

That hasn’t been the case for the past 11 days.

My priorities have shifted.

As much as I love what I do, I want to spend time being present with my boy and my wife. Our son (River) doesn’t say or do much at this point in the game of life – but it doesn’t matter. I usually spend hours a day just staring at him, holding him, and just loving on this little dude.

Case in point – my time is limited.

Which has actually allowed me to be hyper-focused during the time that I am working and training. I’m not checking out facebook while I casually write a blog post – I’m dialed in and writing this blog post.

Same goes for training. I can’t lift and move for 2+ hours a day anymore. Trying to be big, strong, lean, fast, mobile, and all around healthy takes a lot of time – there are a lot of variables that each require their respected amount of time.

Based on my training priorities – I’ve constructed my weekly outline for what I want to accomplish in a 1-hour max time frame. I’m trying it out for the first time this week – and it’s a blast. But it does require some stamina, because I am MOVING much faster than I traditionally do during my training.

Lifting heavy weights requires ample amounts of rest periods, especially when lifting in the 80%+ max zone.

So my max lifts might suffer a little bit – but I’m willing to sacrifice that at this point in the game.

My priorities have shifted from being HUGE and Strong to being MOBILE and Strong – and maybe not so big overall.

I’m still pushing for a 650 lb deadlift, a 550 squat, and a 400 lb bench press.

I want to also be able to do the splits and not be so damn stiff all the time.

So here’s my breakdown for what my training week looks like. Feel free to try it out if you have aspirations similar to mine (being buff and super flexible).

3x week (M,W,F) = Big Lift Days – 60 Minutes

  1. Stretch, Mobilize, Activate (SMA)= 15 Minutes
  2. Big Strength Movements = 30 minutes
    1. 8-10 sets in 75%+ range between 1-2 compound lifts + the occasional sub max rep max at the end of my big lifts for an additional testing standard.
    2. Variations of squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press
  3. Accessory work = 10 minutes
    1. 40 seconds on/20 seconds off exercise superset for 5 rounds (10 working sets) OR
    2. Tri set of 10-15 reps between 3 exercises for 3 rounds for 9 working sets
  4. Stretch/Cool down = 5 minutes

3x week (T,Th,Sat) = Maintenance Days – 60 Minutes

These are days that I have dedicated towards assistance work, conditioning, and overall body maintenance. The breakdown looks something like –

  1. SMA = 20 minutes
  2. Conditioning, Assistance work/core work = 30 minutes
  3. Stretch/Cool down = 10 minutes

For 30-minute conditioning days – I like to mix it up between –

  1. 40/20 (40 sec on, 20 sec off) between 3 exercises. I like sled pushes, farmer walks, and a core variation normally for this. Total ass kicker but easy on the joints.
  2. 60-yard hill sprints for 8-12 rounds
  3. Play basketball and ball out of control
  4. Or just go on a walk/jog

For 30-minute Assistance work days I like hitting muscles and movement groups that don’t get hit and/or I need to build up to balance my body proportionally. For me, that tends to be lots of upper back and delt work, the gun show, and core work. My legs get hammered 3x a week on the big lift days between back squats, front squats, deadlifts, and the occasional single leg work (my least favorite).

1x a week I do yoga or just make sure to go on a long walk and stretch throughout the day.

Now- not everyone has 1-full hour to dedicate towards exercise a day. That’s ok.

But you do have 10 minutes.

If you don’t have 10 minutes, then you at least have 3 minutes.

My favorite go-to in a crunch for time workout – 

Do as many chest to ground burpees as you possibly can in the allotted time that you have.

Here’s my 10-minute breakdown:

150 burpees = Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode

125 burpees = Beast

100 burpees = Beauty and the Beast

75 burpees = Baby Beast

3 Minute Breakdown:

60 burpees = ANIMAL!

50 burpees = Half Gator, half Duck (totally awesome still)

40 burpees = 25% tiger, 75% human being

Burpees alone won’t accomplish all of your training and movement goals – but they sure do a hell of a good job firing up your upper and lower body while getting your heart rate through the roof!

I’ve actually created a whole guide for Bodyweight Metabolic Strength workouts – hit me up if you want me to send it to you. It’s full of awesome 10-minute Burst Training Workouts that can be done anywhere.

Keep moving those chains you animals!








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