Do this ONE thing and achieve the body of your dreams, like NOW.

Okay – so let’s get REAL with one another RIGHT QUICK…

How many times have you started a new diet plan, healthy eating fad, magic pill solution and BEEN TOTALLY PYSCHED about the results that you envisioned coming your way?

Like you could literally SEE the awesomeness that was about to go down…

You visualized your new sweet ROCKIN’ bod, pictured your sun-kissed self stuntin’ at the beach during your upcoming vacation and was already planning to donate all your “big girl” clothes cause you were about to embark on a life as a WHOLE NEW (smaller version) OF YOU.

And then you began whatever “new you” solution you’ve chosen this time…

Shit gets hard.

You don’t FEEL LIKE doing the workouts/eating the food/drinking the water/CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

You derail into your old, self-sabotaging ways.

Before you know it you’ve literally thrown in the towel on the RADIANT VISION of your new BANGIN’ self and you find yourself making excuses as to why such and such won’t/can’t/didn’t work for you.



If I’m being totally honest, it does for me.

And NOT JUST when it comes to my health and fitness goals either.

I get massively excited about a MILLION things I’m going to do/create/have/be on a DAILY basis and then LIFE gets in the way and I never actually do/create/have or become those things…


Here’s the thing – it’s REALLY easy to ENVISION your best self, your best life, your ideal relationship, your dream job, your fantasy whip…

I mean the list goes on and on and on.

BUT actually achieving the shit of your dreams is a whole different monster.

As it turns out – JUST POSITIVE THINKING your way to awesome isn’t the magic solution to accomplishing all your goals…

…Let’s all take a moment of silence for just  POSITIVE THINKIN’ our way to epic badassery…


Turns out there’s a BAD ASS lady genius who seems to have figured out the SOLUTION to ensuring that all your dreams come true.



So WHAT is this MAGIC I speak of?

Well, according to Dr. Gabriel Oettinger the secret is in the WOOP.

Here’s what’s up:

Wish – A meaningful, challenging, and feasible wish or goal

Outcome – The best result or feeling from accomplishing your wish

Obstacle – Something inside of you that prevents you from accomplishing your wish

Plan – If [obstacle], then I will [effective action]


SO to be clear – not only do you need to identify what it is that you REALLY WANT, you need to identify WHY you haven’t been able to achieve it THUS far and HAVE A PLAN OF ATTACK when said thing rears its ugly head, because let’s be honest – IT WILL.

…which is precisely why you haven’t been able to accomplish your goals UP UNTIL THIS POINT.

Because we’re all too busy just wishing and dreaming and visualizing and manifesting and not really OWNING OUR SHIT.

Hold up real quick while I pick my jaw up of the floor.

I mean, let the magnitude of WOOP really resonate with you for a hot second…


Think about it…




I mean, thanks to our homegirl DR. G we now have a formula that allows us to GET REAL with ourselves about the shit we want, how amazing it’ll be when we get it, what ridiculous behavior we typically exhibit that will absolutely try and derail us AND the plan of attack we fall back on when it does…




AND the best part is: this isn’t some hippie, woowoo, magical approach that may or may not work – this is SCIENCE backed bizness.

In fact, there are OVER twenty years of research shows that WOOP works because Dr. G is a straight GANSTA and she put her theory to the test OVER AND OVER AND OVER again – each time proving the magic sauce lies within ownership and planning.

WOOP is known scientifically as Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions – which sounds FANCY AF, and also like I might have no business messing with it, so I prefer WOOP.

BUT the awesomeness is this: the approach has proven effective across multiple ages and areas of life, LITERALLY helping people achieve goals dealing with health, career, academics, and interpersonal relationships…

SO – if you’ve found yourself setting out to accomplish BIG THANGS (or really anything for that matter) and just can’t seem to break your patterns of nonsense, I suggest you try WOOP.


Because as it turns out – the magic lies within owning our shitty roadblocks and planning an escape route when they pop up…


So GET REAL with yourself.

BE HONEST about your obstacles.

Create real, effective plans of attack and GET BUSY SLAYIN’ life babe because you’re worth it and you can do this.


If you want to read more about WOOP and all its glory, check out http://www, and get busy BUSTIN’ through plateaus and smashing GOALS.


*fist bump, high five, JAZZ HANDS*


Own your shit, DO BIG THANGS, radiate awesomeness always, and LUH YO’ SELF

Tasha (the food coach)

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