Eat this much protein and get access to the GAINZ train…


Let me set the scene:

You’re scrolling through Instagram and every three posts there’s some insanely large MUSCLE that may or may not have a face – you can’t tell though, cause their neck is like a Christmas tree of flesh and mass and you just can’t seem to look away from those abs.

…wait, ARE those abs? I mean, they’re in the place where abs normally go – but those can’t be REAL abs, are they?! This must be some sort of sorcery or insane photo shop skills.

You’re left sitting there in awe, shirt up looking at your non-that-guy-abs and wondering WTF that guy eats to look like that.

“GOTTA BE HELLA PROTEIN” you whisper to yourself as you make a mental note to hit up the local supplement shop and load up on some of those magical gainer shakes and beef sticks.


I mean, you’ve been there right?

Okay, so maybe that’s just ME (I doubt it though).

SO – Maybe you’ve never dreamt of walkin’ around like a giant Greek God, but you probably have wondered how much protein you should be eating to put a little lean muscle mass on and start looking like a more beefcake version of yourself.


AND YES – you guessed it, part of that equation is most DEFF how much protein you’re consuming.


So, let’s be clear on what protein is: meat, fish, poultry, tofu and beans.

Okay, you probably knew that.

BUT what you probably don’t know is WHY you need to eat protein AND approximately HOW MUCH protein you need to eat to get those lean ass muscles on fleek.


Let me break it down for you…

Eating a protein rich diet is the BIZNEZZ when you’re following a workout regimen because dietary protein is a trigger for muscle protein synthesis – or better known as GETTING’ SWOLL.

Muscle Protein Synthesis is arguably the most important physiological factor in existence when it comes to getting BIGGER and STRONGER.

Let’s travel a little deeper down the GAINZ TRAIN rabbit hole, shall we?

Generally speaking, muscle protein synthesis is the rebuilding of muscle tissue and it occurs as a results of the stresses we place on our sweet bods.

Those stresses could range from unintentional trauma (think pulled muscle) to intentional trauma (think BANGIN’ on weights) – the thing to note is, MPS begins immediately upon said stressors, as in the second you begin exercise or the exact moment you pull that hammy tryin’ to race your kid down the street, AND is said to last as long as 48 hours.



WELL – without MPS your muscles won’t grow. Like, AT ALL.

You’ve got to REBUILD through MPS…but you also have to RECOVER (more on this next week- seriously, tune in next week and read all about how to maximize your recovery periods so you can BEAST out effectively).

Once recovered you have to get your ass to the gym and hit them weights with the fury AGAIN to keep the cycle going and continue to build bigger, stronger, bomb-ass muscles.

Understand one thing: the degree of stress you can place upon the muscle AND the length of time you’ll need to recover can be mostly controlled by your training program.


The NUTRITION you provide your muscles to ensure enough protein is available for the rebuilding process is KEY…


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER BABES, so read on to figure out JUST HOW MUCH of the P you need to get a legit seat on the GAINZTRAIN.

The Recommended Daily Allowance for protein is 0.36grams per pound of body weight – but that number is the MINIMUM amount of protein you should consume on the daily.

Keep in mind that number is only to prevent protein deficiency, it’s not necessarily optimal –especially for training purposes, and DEFF not reasonable if you’re trying to get your MASS on.

SO, if you’re trying to build muscles of top of muscles you’re going to need to smash on WAY MORE protein- more like 0.7-2.0g per pound of body weight.

UMMMMM, that’s a HUGE gap?!

As it turns out, the “right” amount of protein for any one individual depends are a grip of factors – activity levels, age, muscle mass, physique goals, current state of health, sex, and genetics.



BUT – it’s relatively safe to say that the average trainee looking to build muscle can benefit from consuming approximately 0.6g-1.0g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Still confused?

*Ehhhhheeeeem, and that’s where I come in*


BUT – if you plan on doin’ some math and rocking with the RDA equations (there’s no shame in your game), there’s some other things you need to understand:



Animal proteins are the TITS when it comes to building muscle, and here’s why: animal proteins contain ALL the essential amino acids that are required as building blocks for creating legit muscles.

They’re also higher in LEUCINE – the amino acid that is thought to trigger MPS.

Although plant proteins are cool too, they’re lower in amino acids – and unfortunately, most are incomplete. Meaning you have to eat a greater amount and variety of vegetarian proteins to meet the amino acid needs required to build them muscles.



Don’t focus on just hitting those protein goals – instead spread your protein intake throughout the day to maximize its benefits, that’s a pretty fool proof way to be a MUSCLE THUG.

Ideally you’re consuming between 10g-30g of the P every 3-4 hours -ESPECIALLY after strenuous exercise – to help optimize performance, reduce body fat and promote that lean muscle growth.


So REMEMBER; when it comes to building some serious GAINZ, all that work you do in the gym is only HALF the battle – the other half takes place in the kitchen.

With that said, CHEERS to smashing on steaks and chicken breasts for DAYS.


Tasha (the food coach).









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