How do YOU Measure Success?

Are you successful?

I guess that depends on your definition of the word “success”.

I like John Wooden’s definition the best –

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of SELF-SATISFACTION in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” 

Coach Wooden believed that true success comes when we simply do the best that we can do, no matter what the outcome.  Between the lines of his definition, we can read that true competition lies within ourselves.

Defining competition this way challenges us to measure our own best efforts.  The challenge involves learning how to compete with ourselves.

But how does someone know when he or she has given his or her best?

It is much harder to give our best than we think. As coaches at Impact, we are constantly seeking to achieve and produce success for the fam.  The problem is, however, that many of us never take the time to sit down and define what REAL success is for ourselves.

We have to define success before we can measure it.  If we measure ourselves against ourselves, we can determine if we are truly successful.  This is especially important in our“ win at all costs” fitness and sports culture where success is defined only by winning and/or a # on the scale, and in the vast majority of situations we are left to feel that we didn’t measure up (or down).

So how do you know if you’ve given it your best? I don’t know, only you do.

Personally, I’ve recently complied a list of questions to ask myself every day that I have printed out and taped to my bathroom mirror to make sure I’m trying to live up to the expectations I’ve established for myself. I’ve categorized them into several areas that I view as personally fulfilling for me to feel successful. They read as follows –


  1. What am I grateful for today?
  2. Did i give thanks?
  3. Did I spread the love?

Personal Mindset

1.Did I live according to my purpose?

  1. What did I learn today? How?
  2. How did I challenge myself today?
  3. Meditate?
  4. Did I R.A.I.N. my thoughts and emotions? (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Non-Identify)


  1. Did I eat with intention?
  2. Did I drink enough water?
  3. Did I train/participate in my movement practice?

Ragan Squad

  1. How did I serve my family today?
  2. How was I a great husband to my wife?
  3. How was I a great father to my son?
  4. How was I great sibling and son?
  5. How was I a great friend?


  1. What did I do today to grow/improve my gym?
  2. What did I do today to grow/improve my online biz?
  3. How was I great coach today?


  1. How did I give to others today?
  2. Was I a good role model today?
  3. Did I help someone feel empowered?


  1. How did I have fun today?
  2. Did I spend time outside?
  3. How did I make someone laugh today?


You can ask my wife if I do this every day and she’d say “…huh? No”


Well – I just came up with this a few days ago in my attempts to live more consciously, purposefully, and live up to the expectations I’ve set up for myself.

Being able to answer all of these questions successfully every night is my personal definition of success.

What’s yours?

Please comment below and put yourself out there. Put some skin in the game and get off of autopilot.

Much love fam!

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  • Mari Sullivan

    Reply Reply July 4, 2016

    Great list of questions.
    I often sum up my list with this one question for myself.

    “If today is my last day living, am I satisfied with it?”

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