I May Not Be A Smart Man

I don’t feel like I have much to say today.

I’m empty.

Which is a good thing. Before you fill your cup up with goodness you gotta empty it out first. You need to clean out any cuts and wounds before you can heal and grow.

So right now – I feel really good. I’m empty and looking forward to this week to learn, grow, meet new people, train, connect, love, stretch, sleep, and move forward in the direction of my why.

Sure – there’s always more emptying to do – I don’t think it’s possible to ever be completely empty and just Forrest Gump it all day. You know what I mean? Just cold chiliin on a stump with my head tilted to the left?

FYI – I know it might be a little cliché, but Forrest Gump is easily my favorite movie of all time. 10/10 times I’ll watch it when scrolling through the channels. And no shame in my game – I’ll tear up every damn time Forrest is talking to Jenny’s tombstone. I can turn the TV on and if that scene is on it’s already over –I have a Pavlovian response and I’m crying instantly.

And for real – Forrest may not be a smart man – but he does know what love is. And he also abides by one of my life manta’s of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Because he keeps it so simple, he becomes incredibly present, and he lives a beautiful life – Simple as that.

He keeps it simple à Therefore he’s present à Therefor he’s an All-American for Bear Bryant’s Alabama football team, he’s a medal of honor recipient in ‘Nam, a world champion Ping Pong player, a multi-millionaire in Shrimp Boatin’, runs across the country 3 ½ times and gains a cult following, gives most of his money away to people he loves in his community, and marries the love of his life and becomes a father to the kid who sees dead people in the Sixth Sense.

Forrest accoforrestgumpmplishes all of this simply by being empty and allowing his presence to be filled up with life.

So let’s all be more life Forrest and be incredibly present this week, cool? I know I need more of that. I hear all the time from the people closest to me how I just give this glazed over look sometimes when they’re speaking to me because my head is somewhere else – and as a result I don’t remember the interaction or the experience at all because my heads completely somewhere else.

I’m missing out. I need to Forrest Gump it more.

This whole idea of being present reminds me of Trav and Chris’s favorite musician’s statement –

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans” – John Lennon.

So let’s step back, empty our cup, and get filled up with presence and watch what opportunities life presents us because our awareness has sharpened dramatically.

Coach ‘stupid is as stupid does’ Drew

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