Using the IMPACT Training Method and Flexible Nutrition System You Can Now Rapidly Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, Train Like An Athlete and Have More Sex…Without Feeling Miserable From Starving Yourself or Spending Countless Hours In The Gym For Minimal Results.

Watch the video to see how an overwhelmed and overweight father of two lost 50 lbs in a few short months.. despite having two jobs...Two kids...and barely any time to shower let alone workout.


See How You Can Lose 10 lbs and Drop 4 Inches Off Your Waist in JUST 28 Days By Test-Driving the Men's Transformation Program NOW!

  • What We Specialize In...

Getting Rapid Results For Busy Men That Don’t Have a Lot of Spare Time

We Use a Proven, easy to follow formula that is GUARANTEED to completely re-shape and transform your body without eating rabbit size portions of food that taste like cardboard, drinking nasty ‘skinny shakes’ or jogging for hours on the hamster wheel (Treadmill).

  • How We Do It

Fun and Effective - Muscle Building and Fat Burning Specific Strength Training

This is what we’re famous for - Our formula for personalized and group training programs(beginner friendly) are specifically engineered to Get You Lean, Get You Strong And Get you Looking and Feeling Like An Athlete.


Easy To Follow – Flexible – Nutrition

We cut the overwhelming and stressful guesswork out of the ‘diet-equation’  by giving you a simple, step for step nutrition system(Created by our very own certified nutritionist) that is guaranteed to get you rapidly burning fat while feeling full and satisfied.


Accountability and Support System

This is a judgment-free environment with coaches that give a damn!

We will support, encourage and keep you accountable every step of the way to keep you on track and speed up your results.

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  • What to Expect When You Join the IMPACT Team

Drop Several Inches Off your waist and Ditch “The Gut”

The combination of our strength training and nutrition guidelines don’t just help you lose weight - it re-shape’s the composition of your body.

Build Lean Muscle Mass and Get Strong

We use a lil’ known, yet HIGHLY effective, formula for designing programs specifically to build lean muscle, for an athletic look, while increasing overall strength.

Increase testosterone and Have More Sex

Everything we do from the nutrition to the training is designed to enhance your growth hormones and boost testosterone which not only accelerates fat loss and lean muscle mass – but also improves your sex life!

Better Mood and Better Relationships

This speaks for itself. You will look better, feel better and have more energy to give to your loved ones that deserve it – and so do you!

More Energy All Day Long

No more draggin’ ass and feeling lethargic – you will have energy and alertness all day.

Less Injuries

Unlike some popular fitness fads out there- our programs are rooted in SAFE, effective and efficient methods that are monitored by professional coaches to ensure you’re doing the movements properly and keep you safe.

Move Better

Aside from looking and feeling amazing – you will also move better! Get back to your favorite active hobbies and being adventurous.

See How You Can Lose 10 lbs and Drop 4 Inches Off Your Waist in JUST 28 Days By Test-Driving the Men's Transformation Program NOW!