Let’s face it…

You can’t out train a bad diet – but the problem is, what’s a good diet?

At IMPACT we believe a good diet is obviously one that works but more importantly it needs to be flexible to fit you and your lifestyle.

The reason why most diets fail are because of 2 main problems.

Problem #1 - They make people feel miserable and unsatisfied.

Who wants to eat small portions of rabbit food that taste like cardboard?

Or drink nasty ‘skinny shakes’ that taste like flavored chalk?

As a result nobody sticks to them long term so results are minimal.

Not to mention the second they get done with the diet they ‘relapse’ because the diet was too restrictive.

Problem #2  - They add more stress and overwhelm to people’s live by being too complicated.

Most people are too busy to weigh and measure every single thing they eat – how sustainable is that?

These problems and pattern are the primary cause of the “yo-yo” effect.

So what do we do to solve this problem?

  • First - All of our meal plans are created by our very own in-house certified nutritionist. So they work!
  • Second - We get results, fast, by using SUSTAINABLE practices such as eating a lot of food that taste good!
  • Third - We customize EACH meal plan to fit the individual’s lifestyle and goals.
  • Fourth - Most importantly – all of our nutrition plans are created to be simple, easy to follow and remove the overwhelming guesswork off your shoulders.

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