Pizza, cupcakes and donuts are LEGIT…and SO are YOU.

“Hey Guys, Tasha The Food Coach here…

So listen, the first week of January is officially over…
WHICH MEANS that 71% of you have tossed your New Years resolution out the window (NOT gonna lie ya’ll, I set some pretty lofty New Years resolutions and so far, I haven’t been 100% compliant. OOOPS!)

But, BEFORE I give up entirely on the goals or “resolutions” I set for myself (OR let YOU give up), I think we need to talk MINDSET…
ESPECIALLY since 86% of you set some resolutions around self improvement, weight loss or generally sprucing up your BOD.

It’s a weird topic – I know. I mean we’re all just sitting around Googling how to lose weight the quickest way possible and wishing for a body that looks NOTHING like the one we’re walking around in because it’s a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU.

NOW Don’t get me wrong – I’m NOT judging you, I’ve been there. My body is a constant work in progress.
I mean, there is NOTHING worse than being uncomfortable in the skin you’re walking around in.

BUT – I think it’s important that you hear this message, I mean honestly what I’m about to say is a game changer.
So LISTEN, REALLY let this sink in…

You are NOT your weight.
You are not the size sewn into the back of your pants and you are certainly not your body fat %


I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in what you’re scale says, but honestly, the number on your scale is irrelevant.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest advocate you’ll find for healthy living and creating a body you love to walk around in.
But I’m also an advocate of LOVING yourself through every stage of life and that includes freshman 15, and “I just went through a bad break-up and ate too many brownies while I cried and listened to Adele”, to “I just had a baby and I don’t know where my REAL body is.”

But, you need to understand that this 5, or 15 or 150lbs that you’re focused on do not dictate your worth.
It’s an exhausting battle to demise your body on a daily basis, it’s even more exhausting to compare yourself to others…
That’s like hating pizza and trying to decided which is better; cupcakes or donuts – I mean, ALL OF IT’S AWESOME!

Do you get what I’m saying here?

So, let’s make a pact ok?
I’ll keep blogging about my go to tricks for a healthy, fit and SUPER RADICAL bod and you give yourself a compliment EVERY DAY until the words that are coming out of your mouth don’t feel so foreign.


With that said;
MY hair looks AMAZING today.

Eat Yo greens, eat your LEAN proteins and break a sweat on the daily…
Tasha (the food coach)

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