Done Obsessing Over the Number on the Scale; READ THIS.

So…one day you weigh yourself and you LOVE what you see, only to step on the scale the following day to feel completely mortified by the number that pops up.

WHAT IN THE HELL has so much control over that little number – like seriously, what in the actual FECK can get you feelin’ yourself like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XL one day AND have you hiding under giant sweat suits the next?

Turns out its simpler than you think…

Ever heard of WATER WEIGHT sucka? Cause the struggle is R E A L.


So, what’s the deal with WATER WEIGHT?


I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my clients have contacted me 3 days into their meal plan, absolutely ELATED that they’ve already lost 10lbs…

ONLY to completely lose their shit, barely able to contain their heartache through sobs on day 10 when they’ve stepped back on that scale and apparently “gained” six of those 10lbs back.

SO – WTF is the deal with WATER WEIGHT?

I mean, the concept of mistaking water weight fluctuations for actual changes in body fat seems so far-fetched, RIGHT?

W R O N G.

The temporary changes happening to the scale due to water weight in my weight loss clients cause more premature celebrations, complete shit-fits and death of consistency than any other factor.



And YOU’VE totally been a victim of water weight too…

Any of the following sound familiar?

…You drank your ass off (and questionably consumed a whole pizza) with your homies the night before, yet you wake up and you’re a solid 5lbs LIGHTER.

…You thought that sketchy looking sushi buffet seems like a GREAT idea, until you barf your brains out for 24 hours and suddenly seems to be an astronomical 8lbs LIGHTER.

…You go a mini vacay to somewhere tropical and come back weighing 10lbs HEAVIER than the day you left, even though you smashed on hella fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

…You’ve been DIALED in on your meal plan, kicking ass in the gym and watching your bod transform in front of your eyes – yet, you wake up one day and for no apparent reason you’re 4lbs HEAVIER.


I MEANWHAT in the actual FECK. HOW is any of this possible?


WELL – let me break it down for you:

Swings in weight are part of the game, and they’re largely due to the fact that there’s been a change in your bodies water balance – NOT a sudden loss or gain of fat.

Depending on your most recent experience with water weight you’re either celebrating and fist pumping the air, OR super pissed cause you were VIBIN’ on that massive (unexplainable) loss of LBS.

So – to avoid the insane emotional rollercoaster these types of gains or loses produce read on and EDUCATE yourself on WHY your body fluctuates as much (and as often) as it does.




It’s really that simple.

Water is your body’s principal chemical component. Water makes up, on average, about 60% of your body’s current weight. Every system in your body depends on water.

Being dehydrated is a total BETCH and is one of the biggest reasons that your scale will swing like a crazed pendulum.

…so you woke up lighter than when you left the house after a night of drinking? DEHYDRATED.

…you “lost” an insane amount of weight after contracting some kind of death plague? DEHYDRATED.

…you weighed yourself before and after an INSANE hot yoga class and you’re feeling amazing cause you lost 3lbs in that short (but horrific) hour. No you didn’t. YOU ARE DEHYRDATED.

BUT – when you drink enough of the H20 your sweet bod will allow you to release retained water through your cells – which means WEIGHT LOSS (according to your scale).

*FYI: ENOUGH is a totally vague term, but generally speaking if you’re DRANKING approximately ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day than you’re in the “enough” category.

So – you recognize that you’re dehydrated and start chugging water in hopes to get your balance back on track, ONLY to find that now you’ve “gained” an astronomical amount of weight in like five hours…

OMG, WTF…YOU ARE GONNA LOSE YOUR SHIT if this scale doesn’t get it together STAT.

Take a deep breath, it’s all good. That “weight gain” according to your scale – that’s BLOATING. And essentially being bloated is your body’s response to hanging onto water because you’ve been DEHYRATED and your body is storing that water JUST IN CASE.

You know the feeling: hands and feet are swollen, face looks puffy, your belly is distended. It’s the anti-sexy.

It’s all good. CONSISTENTLY drink the appropriate amount of water and it’ll all balance out.

Keep in mind that 32oz of water weighs approximately 2lbs. So over the course of me writing this blog post and chuggin’ from my Nalgene bottle I will GAIN 1-2lb of water weight – only to be interrupted by mother- nature where I will lose it again.

Are you starting to see how INSANE your scale can fluctuate by just editing your water intake one way or the other from one day to the next?


Alterations in carb intake generally happen when we start a diet, stop a diet or performance goals have changed…OR you just went temporarily ham on a box of Mini Wheats cause STRESS.


Before I continue, you need to understand some very basic science biz:

1gram of glycogen holds 3gram of water.

Our muscles are made up of approximately 70-80% water, which is stored from the glycogen in the muscle…and glycogen comes from the carbs we smash on.

COOL? Okay, moving on…

So, when we consume less carbs than we normally do (which usually happens when you have a weight loss goal) the muscles in our body will begin to hold less water than normal – which ultimately gives us the false impression that we’ve lost fat.

THIS is why you go BONKERS when you first start a diet and it seems SO EASY, you’re just dropping LBS like crazy…well, hate to break it to you – BUT it’s mostly water.

It’s so common to see someone lose 7lbs on their first week of a new diet, only to be totally disappointed on week 2-infinity when they start dropping a more healthy (and reasonable) 1-2lbs.

People literally quit diets, implement insane and unhealthy tactics and walk away from legit goals because of some insane swing to the number on their scale…AND it’s all because their body is doing its scientific JOB and balancing water out.



The same goes for an INCREASE in carbohydrate intake.

When we eat more carbs than normal due to a break in diet, a holiday break or a break-up our bodies will hold MORE water – giving us the impression that we’ve GAINED fat.

NOPE. Those 6lbs you essentially put on overnight, those are water pounds…


SERIOUSLY ya’ll – don’t let these temporary fluctuations of water kill your vibe.



This section is reserved for all my LADIES – so if you have man bit skip to the end cause this doesn’t pertain to you FELLAS.


Okay, ladies – here’s what’s up: the hormones progesterone and estrogen play a GIANT role in water retention (aka your scale telling you that you’ve “gained” weight.)

When estrogen levels are heightened (as in your getting ready to be blessed by AUNTY FLOW) our bodies hang onto fluid like I hang onto majorly discounted designer shoes during Nordstrom’s Designer Finale sale – hence the major bloating, weight gain and general shit fits we throw about “being fat” right before aunty drops in.

Don’t fall into the trap sister!

You are not fat. You have not gained fat. You’ve gained water weight thanks to the fact that you aren’t gaining a baby this month.

CHILL OUT and understand the cycle so you don’t fall victim to the chaos EVERY month MMMMKAY?

BUT, all you women out there who don’t have an AUNTY FLOW no more – you’re still subject to some erratic levels of estrogen than can cause chronic bloating too…

Couple this little gift from nature we’ve been blessed as a sex to receive with the fact that progesterone is a natural diuretic – so when progesterone levels are below where they should be, us lucky ladies may experience some additional bloating.



SO in conclusion –the next time you weigh yourself and you’re a few pounds heavier than you were the day before NOW you know why…

Just smile, breathe, fist pump the air because you’re smarter than the scale and keep kickin’ ass cause you know it’ll all balance out in a few days.


CHEERS to not losing your shit every time you set foot on the scale and knowing you’re more than that ridiculous number anyways.

Tasha (the food coach)

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