The next steps after an EPIC cheat meal look a little something like this…


Seriously – I’m a few brews deep, like 17 mini pigs-n-a-blanket, copious chips-n-dips AND at least a ¼ of a cheese and cracker platter have been consumed by solely ME today… the day AFTER Thanksgiving.




I should clarify though – I’m not a huge fan of the Thanksgiving foods.

I could literally skip over that holiday and its food options all together…

I know, I know… literally NO ONE can believe that statement when it comes out of my mouth, ya’ll look like I crotch punched you when I say that.



What I’m trying to say is this: I didn’t go nuts yesterday.

I didn’t inhale ridiculous amounts of food and feel the need to unbutton my pants.


I am currently there today though.

I can’t help myself.

I love me some football snacks. Finger foods are my jam.

Thank you baby Jesus for stretchy pants.


I digress…


But the point of this whole rant is this: I’m gonna eat my face off during this game.

(GO COUGS- too bad we lose the Apple Cup EVERY damn year, uGHHHHHH).

AND, I’m not going to feel an ounce of guilt about it.

Like, not even for a second.

AND if you ate your face off yesterday (and maybe today too – no judgement from me boo thang), you should totally read on and get your mind around getting YO’ MIND RIGHT post glutinous activity.

Cause LOVIN’ YOURSELF is what the cool kids do – and you’re COOL AF, so get with it.



Most importantly – FORGIVE and FORGET




If you spoke to your homegirls (or guys) the way you speak to yourself after you go ham on a cheat meal they would most assuredly cry, ninja kick you in the face or block your number for life.


SO, quit that shit.


Negative emotions have a horrible effect on your body.

They hinder digestion, create acidity, and wreak havoc on self-confidence and body image.




Honestly hating on yo’ self after a feast fest might actually be worse on your sweet bod than the inhalation of the bullshit foods was.


GUILT is an emotion that should just NEVER be associated with food.




Approach eating and calories like an intellectual – it actually helps.


One pound equals 3500 calories. That’s a FACT.


Even on your worst day, it’s hard to overeat by more than 3500 calories…and, even if you have, what’s a SINGLE LB anyways?


Take a step back.

Look at yourself and your eating through the lens of logic and cool your shit.



Remember: PROGRESS and not PERFECTION is what you should be aiming for…


Transform the pattern of feeling like a giant failure when you smash on your FAVE cheat foods – instead acknowledge what there is to be grateful for.


Acknowledge how far you’ve come and know that you can always balance a “bad food day” with a more cleansing and “clean” diet the next day.


It’s really that simple.


Understand that these overwhelming feelings of guilt, like all emotions, are impermanent and will go away as quickly as they came on.


Acknowledge the shitty feelings, thank if for making an appearance and MOVE the F on…


Get your mind around the above and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.




LUH yo’ self.




Take a deep breath, drink hella hot water with lemons (because it’s like the best detoxifier for the live and kidneys), MOVE YOUR BODY and be just focus on what you can do tomorrow to be better….


Cheat meals (errrrrrr, I mean DAYS) are part of the equation that is LIFE.


Embrace the moments where a second (or third) glass of wine seems fitting and just absorb the amazingness that comes with eating your FAVE morsels of goodness.


You’re a boss, a total babe and you’re worth massive, deep, intense, SELF LOVE – regardless of how many pieces of pie you put in your face hole in the last 48 hours.


Remember that…



Tash (the food coach)

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