These 2 Hidden Pitfalls Disguised As ‘Super-Mom’ Traits Are The Main Reasons You Will Struggle Getting In Shape in 2016…


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In this blog post I am going to reveal two hidden and never discussed pitfalls that are ‘silent killers’ to any progress you want to make towards looking and feeling the way you want.

Coupled together this is the ‘bonnie and clyde’ to your body…and if not addressed and uncovered they will rob you of the body you want and the happiness you deserve.

After you’re done reading this you will have a crystal clear blueprint of EXACTLY what to avoid and what to do if you  truly want to make a long lasting body transformation that is actually an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


Nobody Has A Tougher Hill To Climb Than Busy Moms Have To Lose Weight, Burn Fat And “Get Their Body Back”.

It’s not even up for debate…

And no, I am not a mom…(But I am a father who is currently in the trenches with my wife raising 3 kids under 4 years old)

DSC_4937-1 (1)

(don’t let the picture fool you – we’ve become quite good at the “everything is amazing” face – truth is my wife and I were at eachother’s throats…my kids were acting like wild pit-bulls…and this is the 62nd take)

In other words, I know enough to know how difficult it is.

And for that reason this is not going to be the article that places any blame, judgement or guilt on you for making any of these mistakes…

I simply hope that building your awareness around them will empower you to avoid the pitfalls and see that there’s a simple way out of the rut you’re stuck in.


Pitfall #1 – Placing your family’s needs in front of your own (too often)

This is such a tricky one.

Putting your family first is admirable and in many ways feels natural.

And because you’re a great mom – You support everyone’s goals and are…

  • Constantly Dropping off and picking up
  • Balancing calendars and daily schedules
  • Keeping your house in order (which would require about 43 different bullet points to cover what that all entails)
  • Having a pulse on what’s happening in everyone’s life


All while…

  • Being a loving wife and partner
  • Doing your best to maintain friendships
  • Building a career …or staying at home with the kids(which requires a heart of gold and the courage of a purple heart recipient)


But there’s definitely a point where it can have a negative effect on you…which often leads to a negative effect on the people you’re putting first…(vicious cycle)

I’m not talking about staying home and watching modern family re-runs instead of going to your kids game…or buying yourself a new Michael Kors watch instead of lil’ johnny new shoes.

This about your health, fitness and overall self-esteem.

And just to be VERY clear…

Your self-esteem does NOT and should NOT be attached to your body.


There’s simply no denying that setting goals, taking action and achieving those goals DOES improve your self-esteem.

The way your clothes fit and the reflection in the mirror is simply a bi-product of you dedication and action-taking.



It’s not a coincidence that virtually every airline you’ll ever fly has the standard procedure to “secure your mask first before helping others”…

How much help can you actually be if you’re not taken care of first?

What Would Be Different If You Had More Energy And Felt Better About The Way You Looked?


  • Would you go on more hikes?
  • Would you go to the beach more?
  • Would you play more games with your family and actually keep up?
  • Would you have more patience?
  • Would you have more conversations and be more engaged?
  • Would you get in more pictures with your friends and family?
  • Would you be more intimate with your partner?
  • Would you simply be happier?



Everyone wins when you’re health, fitness, energy and self-esteem is taken care of first.

Although stockpiling everyone’s needs in front of yours and juggling their goals and desires for them – leaving no room for YOU – may seem like a ‘super-mom’ trait… but in reality it limits your ability to feel good about yourself which in turn limits your relationships with the very people you put first.

One of our clients said it best…

“I am a better parent when I put my health first” – Melissa


(Oh by the way – Melissa Lost 65 lbs while raising 3 kids and going to night school to get her masters)



Pitfall #2 – The ‘curse’ of the decisions n’ things

Let’s face it…

Decisions and ‘things’ are STRESSFUL!

  • Who Needs to be picked up and when?
  • What are we eating?
  • “mom can I do this”?
  • “Honey – what do you think about this?”
  • When are we going to get that fixed
  • Report Cards
  • Schools
  • Babysitters
  • Games, recitals, birthday parties(and the gift for the party)
  • Laundry

And that’s not including the decisions and tasks you have at work!

By the end of the day you’re exhausted and don’t want to make another decision.

Yet most TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE , diets and ‘programs’ don’t take any of this into account.

These hyped up ‘magic pill’ programs only add more stressful decisions and guesswork to your life…and how long is that sustainable?

No wonder most moms feel the fitness industry is full of ‘stuff’ that’s made for  women who are already 2% body-fat and have enough time to volunteer at 3 animal shelters, donate blood and write a blog post on saving the environment before making it to happy hour….(everyday)

But Seriously…

All these decisions and ‘things’ wear you out.

Most of these personal trainers, nutritionist, ‘torn-page’ diets from magazine or weird fad diet challenges don’t get it…

  • How on earth are you supposed to calculate every calorie and weigh every oz of food every meal?

And hopefully guess right on buying the proper amount of food to execute the meal plan.

  • How are you supposed to enjoy life and develop sustainable habits if all you’re eating is dry chicken breast and raw kale?

How difficult is it to eat something that taste like cardboard after a long day when you’re busy and stressed out?

This is exactly why people have a countdown going for when “they’re done” because these programs make them feel miserable….(truth is most people can’t get a few days in before throwing their hands up and saying ‘screw-it’ – I’ll just start again on Monday)

This is the #1 cause for yo-yo eating and constantly feeling stuck in a rut – you can only starve yourself and feel miserable for a short period of time before you’ve had enough and find yourself back at square one.


So Here’s the KEY When Looking For A Diet, Challenge, Program Etc


Whatever program you choose to participate in…

Whether it’s our 42 DAY FIT MOMS CHALLENGE Or something else…

  • It MUST be created in a way that removes the guesswork and decisions from your already busy life.


  • It MUST be something that doesn’t require long-division to find out what to eat and how much


  • It MUST include realistic and easy to follow meal plans…(our clients are getting crazy results while drinking wine and having ‘pasta nights’ – it’s possible if you do it right)


  • If it includes an exercise component(which it should) – it can’t have a rigid schedule that gives you no flexibility because that just becomes stressful being hard to predict if you’ll be able to actually follow through.


  • Let’s be real – Asking you to come in to a gym and workout 5-6 days a week isn’t realistic…(our clients only have to come in 2-3 times per week) the program you look for shouldn’t require that many workouts to get you results.



I know it sounds impossible right now…

  • Life is busy…you’re being pulled in a million and 1 directions…


  • Commitment is hard because your schedule is so crazy…



  • The thought of starting another restrictive diet sounds miserable


  • You’ve tried the DVD and maybe even a class or two with no results…



And I’m here to tell you that if you look hard enough you can find programs like our 42 DAY FIT MOMS CHALLENGE That were created specifically for busy moms that want to get their body back and finally shop for clothes that they like instead of the stuff that just hides their ‘problem area’s’….(without giving up their wine or adding stress to their already busy life)

But it’s never going to happen until you put your goals and desires FIRST and find a program that takes into account your life as a busy mom who’s constantly making decisions and dealing with ‘things’ life throws your way.

Where should you start?

You can start by checking out our 42 FIT MOMS CHALLENGE by going here =>

I hope you enjoyed this post  and that it helped expose the invisible pitfalls that will keep you stuck from looking and feeling the way you want if they go unnoticed.

Here’s to YOU and taking back control of your body in 2016!

All the best!!

Coach Trav



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