Trying to Lose Weight? Here’s How to Survive Your Upcoming Holiday Party…



We’re officially submersed in the HOLIDAY SEASON!

*high five*

SERIOULY, so many high fives – I LOVE me a reason to buy cool shit for people, I love fizzy festive holiday dranks, I LOVE snacks and I SUPER love parties.

Which is precisely why I tend to AVOID the scale during the holiday months – ‘cause I know I can go HAM on some crudités…

AND being the smart girl that I am, I know how my love of festivities (and food) can wreak havoc on my waistline, my goals and how snug my undies be fitting.

FYI: the best way to know if your “weight gain” is something to be concerned about is to gauge how tight your undies feel.


If you’re jeans feel kinda snug you could just be bloated. Dress feeling a little tighter than you remember? Probably water retention due to too many carbs. BUT, if your undies are tighter than usual – it is time to reel it back in and get your shit together.


But, I digress…

Here’s the thing: even though my #1 philosophy is that life should be AWESOME and you shouldn’t deny yourself the things you enjoy, make your heart flutter and get you authentically JUICED – it can be helpful to enter the holidays with a plan to keep your sweet bod and healthy lifestyle on track(ish).

So, here’s what I do to ensure that come January 2nd I’m not dropping my whole paycheck on new panties and juice cleanses.


Read on and get your holiday party mind RIGHT…


  1. COOL IT

Seriously. Take a deep breath. The fact that you have people in your life that love and care enough about you to invite you to a PARTY is bomb.

Having a community of people who want to be in your presence is a blessing.

So let’ all have a little PERSPECTIVE shall we?

Life is short.

And at the end of your journey here on earth are you going to look back on all those times that you passed on partaking in the cheese platter – UMMMMM, no.

You’re going to be reminiscing about all the shenanigans and magical moments you created with your loved ones.

So BREATHE and remember that your food choices don’t equal your value as a person.

I mean sure, the holidays are challenging for EVERYONE on the eating front (myself included), and self-compassion goes a long way toward letting you come out healthy and happy on the other side.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Commit to living as your most authentic you. AND if you’re most authentic you wants a glass of Rose and a snowman sugar cookie – then eat, drink and BE MERRY.

SIDENOTE: the above is not permission to eat yourself sick. Everything in moderation boo…



In the spirit of cultivating a GROWTH MINDSET – be REALISTIC about what you can and cannot commit to.

“I’m not going to eat a single cookie for the entire holiday season” is completely unrealistic for 99.9% of us…MYSELF included.


“I’m not going to eat any sweets at the office” is an entirely doable goal.


The opportunities to eat your face off during the holiday season are abundant. Literally EVERYDAY could be a feast fest…

So, I recommend looking at your social calendar and evaluating which events are worth a food splurge.

You could use any criteria you want for this: like is your culinary genius home girl cooking for a specific event and you know you can’t resist her goodies? Or, maybe your MA’ is making Christmas dinner and you love a good old sentimental meal…

What’s important is that it’s WORTH IT to you.

Shoot for 2-3 special occasions per month –honestly that’s a totally reasonable and doable goal.

SERIOUSLY, if you’re celebrating multiple times a week your waistline is going to be problematic in NO TIME.

Say goodbye to your FAVE grundies…

Be selective on when you loosen the reigns on your clean eating lifestyle…

So, now that you’ve chosen your super special food frenzy occasions – go forth and ENJOY them, GUILT FREE.



Okay, now that you’ve chosen what’s worth splurging on – you need to get REAL CLEAR on what isn’t.

Maybe it’s work related events or dinners with your fam (cause Lord knows you love them, but they can’t cook worth a damn).

You obviously can’t completely opt out of these events, so it’s important to know your plan BEFORE you step foot in the door.

First of all: ALWAYS remember that FOOD isn’t the reason you’re attending – you’re there to love on your tribe, enjoy the festivities and create memories in some capacity or another…

SO – if you know that you’re going to graciously pass on the subpar food offerings, it’s best to eat a healthy meal BEFORE attending or make concrete dinner plans post party.

This will keep you from getting a glass of wine or three deep and thinking the fruit cake is a GREAT IDEA.

If you can’t possibly politely escape eating at the event – optimize your food choices.

Fill up on hella veggies and try to get a serving of lean protein in so your satiated enough to avoid the uninspiring desert table.

AND, most importantly – in events like these: stick to lower calories booze dranks (red wine, light beer, vodka tonic) and save the fancy cocktails for the events you’re excited about.



Ok, trust tree moment real quick: as stated above, I LOVE PARTIES.

Not just cause I love to gyrate around to 90’s jams and sip on fizzy dranks with sugar rims – but because I legitimately LOVE hors d’oeuvres.

I can literally eat dozens of appetizers before dinner.

I’ll skimp at dinner.

And then lose it all over again during desert.

That’s my MO.

I know that about myself.

So, know your MO and act accordingly.

If OVEREATING is your downfall, then commit beforehand to only eating ONE (satisfying) plate of food.

If the desert table kills you, then commit to only eating ONE serving of desert – then graciously WASH YOUR PLATE, grab a piece of gum and be done.

If the appetizers are you hang up – allow yourself 5 apps, and then get busy playing a board game or immerse yourself in a deep convo with the guy that never shuts up.

Knowing your TRAP and setting up alternative plans of attack BEFORE the event prevents you from having to make decisions in the heat of the moment and reduces your reliance on willpower.

Cause LAWD knows, flexin’ my willpower muscle when cupcakes are starting me down ain’t no easy task.


5. CELEBRATE YO’SELF and YOUR WINS (AND love yo’self)

Here’s the deal: living healthily isn’t a single challenge, but instead it’s many small challenges that add up to a lifestyle.

Keep that in mind while you go through the holidays.

Don’t become overly focused on the result – focus on the process.

And celebrate the small victories…this is IMPORTANT.

To form lasting habits it’s essential that you associate positive feelings with healthy behaviors. By simply flexing your face muscles into a smiling position it convinces your brain that good things are happening.

SO – hold a smile on your face as you pass up desert, it’ll help in convincing yourself that you’re doing a good thing…

Hard to believe, I know.

Also, focusing on each of your wins as you experience them can give you a feeling of progress and make your small actions more meaningful psychologically.

Feeling successful is far more motivating than “I wish I were thinner” or “I wish I had more willpower” and can help you persevere through the next 4 weeks of holiday shenanigans.

PLUS – you gotta love yourself enough NOT to sabotage yourself and all your goals.

SERIOUSLY, marinate on that.

Love yourself and respect your body enough to NOT go ham JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Your body is the only place you get to live.





There it is…

There you have it. My 5 go-to survival hacks for the holidays.

Now go out there and NAIL IT this holiday season – be present, love hard and TURN UP in a way that aligns with your vison of your IDEAL self.

…your body will thank you for it.


Tasha (the food coach)

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