So, you want to lose weight and EAT ALL THE FOODS: Part 1

I had a conversation with a client the other day that reminded me of what seems like a million other conversations I’ve had, overheard and witnessed during the 6 year duration I’ve been coaching…

She’s yo-yo dieted more times than she’d like to count (much like EVERYONE ELSE in the HISTORY of EVER).

She’s lost unwanted LBS and gained them back (with a vengeance), lost and gained, lost and gained even more

And now, after years of this skinny/fat rollercoaster it seems IMPOSSIBLE to lose a SINGLE pound.

It’s a vicious cycle and it’s RAMPID.


What you may not know is there’s a system for the madness – your body has LEGIT reasons behind the toddler tantrum is throws when you attempt to drop lbs AGAIN after years of losing and gaining, and here’s what’s up;


Think about the prehistoric version of yourself: you’re hunting and gathering your own meals, there is no Whole Paycheck to make the foraging of berries and seeds easy. You’re going days between meals (and probably HANGRY AS HELL).

BUT your body is smart AF and keeping your Neanderthal ass alive even when you’re on day 4 of no food.

Back then your body had fat stores that were your defense system protecting you from the perils of famine, starvation and pending death. When your food intake was TOO LOW your prehistoric self knew to send SOS signals through your endocrine system, a fancy word for hormonal system, and keep your metabolism on the SLOW AF setting.

WHY you ask?

UHHHHH, cause when you weren’t eating enough food your body knew there was absolutely NO NEED to have a humming metabolism – just plowing through food and keeping your fat storages on the low.

That would’ve been IMPENDING death for sure.

So, when you FINALLY did hunt down some shrubs and berries, your body tucked a portion of those foods away in your fat stores for a “safety reserve” because your GENIUS inner workings knew that you were grossly underfed and needed the fat stores to keep you alive in the continued famine you lived in.

AWESOME right?!

I mean your body knew to keep your STARVED-self alive when you weren’t doing your job of feeding it properly.

BUT, here’s what you REALLY need to know:

Your prehistoric self and your current self-function the EXACT SAME.

Your body will do what it takes to keep you alive in times of famine, whether legitimate or self-inflicted.

MEANING: When less calories are coming in because you’re “dieting” your metabolism slows

W A Y   D O W N to keep you LIVIN’ when you’re low-key starving yourself.


Here’s how it works:

First of all, you need to understand that your hormones are the chemical messengers that tell your cells what to do – ultimately, they’re responsible for BURNING and STORING fat.

So, you’ve got this hormone called LEPTIN and leptin is the hormone responsible for keeping you from starving to death by monitoring how much fat you have on board.

When your fat is poppin’, Leptin tells the Hypothalamus (the area of the brain that is ultimately responsible for controlling body temperature, thirst, HUNGER and a grip of other important shizzz) that you’ll be ok in a food shortage and keeps your metabolism cruizin’.

BUT – when the Hypothalamus gets word from it’s homeboy/homegirl Leptin that fat stores are dwindling two things happen:

  1. Your Hypothalamus tells your thyroid to turn DOWN your metabolism.
  2. THEN, your hypothalamus INCREASES your appetite – CAUSE YOU NEED TO EAT MORE.

WHICH is precisely why you GAIN ALL THAT WEIGHT back…

When you FINALLY get your mitts on some grub after the “famine” or “diet” the extra calories go STRAIGHT TO YOUR FAT STORES.




Once your body senses reduced fat stores or CALORIE REDUCTION, the starvation defense system kicks in and the YO-YO dieting begins.

Your body doesn’t dig starvation mode. REAL TALK.


Eating too little isn’t gonna get speed up that weight loss goal, in fact it’s gonna do the EXACT OPPOSITE (which you know by now since you just read EVERY word above).

And to add insult to injury, your body gets smarter and smarter each time it finds itself in starvation defense mode by packing on extra fat each time – which is EXACTLY why you lose some, then gain back EVEN MORE than what you lost…


That is, UNTIL, you get your mind around what it means to EAT ENOUGH for you – cause there is no blanket solution or amount of food that is the problem solver here…


Well, you’re bod is a unique machine and ENOUGH FOOD is calculated on the following: age, sex, metabolism, activity level, body size and overall health and wellness goals – so it’s not that easy.

I know, I know… that doesn’t give you a solution RIGHT THIS MINUTE on ensuring that you’re stuffing ENOUGH food in your face hole – but don’t fret babes, I GOT YOU.

IN MY NEXT BLOG POST -“So, you want to lose weight and EAT ALL THE FOOD: Part 2” I’ll hook you up with all the details on figuring your unique number of calories and macros to keep your metabolism hummin.’

Until then – quit slashin’ calories in hopes of slashin’ fat cause it’s not working.

Turns out your body is smarter than that.

Cheers to eatin’ food, smart bodies and your Ho’Mones

Tasha (the food coach)

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