Without taking these 3 critical steps – busy dads don’t stand a chance getting in shape in 2016…

busy dads

In This Blog Post I am Going To reveal The ONLY way you stand a chance at finally ditching the ‘man-boobs’ and losing the ‘spare-tire’ this year….DO NOT start a diet, exercise program or challenge until you’ve read this(I don’t want you wasting your time and money)

After you’re done reading this – you will know the 3 lil’ known but HIGHLY effective steps to a quick body transformation that’s actually enjoyable and easy-to-follow (no starvation or low calorie diets will be included)

And before you go thinking…

“Great, another skinny fitness-freak that blends all of his meals and speaks fluent ‘motivational bumper-sticker’ – is going to tell me that I need to “want it more” and inform me of my “self-sabotaging”

Not me my friend…

I’m a busy father of 3 kids under the age of 4… who’s fresh off of an Achilles tear that kept me in bed (or on a scooter), inactive and piling the lbs on…

(I’m still waiting for the new box-office hit  – “Achilles” – the untold story  of flag-football victims who thought they ‘still had it’)

This is me and my family…

DSC_4937-1 (1)

(don’t let the picture fool you – we’ve become quite good at the “everything is amazing” face – truth is my wife and I were at eachother’s throats…my kids were acting like wild pit-bulls…and this is the 62nd take)


Thanks to that ruptured Achilles and my ‘survivalist’ nutrition plan (eating whenever I can and whatever is available with venomous kids draped all over me) …

And unlike my wife – I don’t have a metabolism that burns at temperatures only found at the earth’s core…


So, I have found myself currently in the worst shape of my life…busy running a business…on the road to a full recovery from my Achilles…and drowning in diapers…

But I’m doing something about it NOW!

Which got me thinking…

How many people would want to know what a fitness professional – who has helped transform close to a 1,000 people’s bodies and co-authored a best-selling book on it – do if they found themselves needing a transformation of their own.

What are the secrets that “only I know?”

What special “short-cut” do I have that if only you knew of – you could finally get in shape too…


I hate to disappoint you…

There is no magic pixie-dust.

But there is an “HOV Lane” that can help you bypass the stressful  traffic and get you looking and feeling the way you want quicker than you thought possible.

All that’s required is taking these 3 critical steps…

These are the EXACT steps I am currently taking to get myself back on track.


Critical Step #1 – Get Some Accountability!

“Showing up is EVERYTHING!”

We make it really clear to our clients when they sign up for one of our TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGES that all they have to do is SHOW UP.

We take care of the rest!

But consistently ‘showing up’ is more than half the battle.

So you need something or someone that keeps you accountable to following through.

The three most common means to infusing accountability are…

  • Training Partners (you and a buddy or two make a “pack” to workout together)


  • Announcements (tell your friends and family about your goals to put pressure on yourself to follow through In fear of looking like a failure)

However – I’ve found those rarely work

Eventually your friends forget about your goals and have their own lives to worry about and your training partner is either flaky or doesn’t provide any convincing reason for you to continue showing up.

And fear of failure is not a good place to operate from – it feels annoying and again – it doesn’t last long before you say screw it.

The third is by far the most effective way …

  • Put some skin in the game and invest in a coach! (spend $$ on a professional program/trainer/gym etc)


Are you more likely to show up and follow through on something you invested in?

How much easier would it be to show up if a coach you’re paying is waiting on you?


You can make excuses to your buddies and family – they’ll love you either way.

You can give up on a fad-diet that cost $29.99 or a DVD that cost $75

But you’re not going to blow off something you’re truly  invested in – it’s going to be a lot harder to stay in bed or skip a workout when you put some skin in the game to get a supportive coach who’s waiting on you.

It’s going to be easier to follow through on a plan that was created by professionals – because you had to put skin in the game to get it…

This is exactly why I hired my own coach – I could easily write my own programs or have one of my own trainers do it.

But I know that’s not enough accountability – so I  invested in a great coach and an amazing program.

Was it expensive – yes (only because it works) but come Monday morning I’ll be there ready to work!

And the cost of staying stuck in my rut was way more than the investment in getting free’d and feeling amazing

Plus, I don’t want to add the task of planning out my own workouts to my “to-do” list

And neither should you!

The most stress free way to workout and get results is by having a professional simply tell you what to do…all you should have to do is show up.


Critical Step #2 – Have a map

“where are you coming from and where do you want to go?”

It’s easy to know where you want to go or how you want to look.

The hard part is finding out how to get there.

Imagine your kid randomly calls from who knows where and says “hey dad, how do I get to the beach?”

You’d probably say “what beach?…and where are you coming  from?”

Now, Imagine if you don’t know the roads where they’re at…

it doesn’t matter how fast they drive, how determined they are or how much they “want it”…without a map – they’re hopeless.

Even if they know the direction the beach is at – maybe they can even see it.

Conventional wisdom might get them closer but eventually they’ll get trapped in dead ends and roads that lead nowhere.

This is EXACTLY what happens to guys trying to lose weight without a map.

You know what you want to look like…

You know you have to eat healthy and workout…

So you give it shot – salads, dry chicken breast, cardio equipment and playing musical chairs with the exercise machines leads you in the right direction but stuck at dead ends.



Something that takes into account exactly where you’re at, where you want to go and the fastest way to get you to your destination.

That means training programs designed for your goals that don’t require guesswork on your end and that you look forward to doing.

Easy-to-follow meal plans that don’t require long division to calculate and must include flexibility.

Avoiding the low calorie, hyper-restrictive diets and/or meal replacement shakes that are NOT sustainable and only leave you feeling starved and unsatisfied…

(I won’t even go into how unnecessary and ineffective that is – but how long can you keep up a steady diet of liquid chalk and dry chicken breast before you throw your hands up and say “screw it”?)


Critical Step #3 – Pull the pin and throw the grenade

“Don’t just talk about it – do it”


I learned this from one of my mentors – Paul Reddick


The harsh dose of reality that I had to feed myself …and I want to share with you is this…

You’re NOT going to be ready for the beach this summer…you’re NOT going to have enough energy to keep up with the kids…and you’ll continue to avoid being in pictures until you Pull the pin and throw the grenade.


There comes a time where you just gotta commit.

Nothing screams commitment like pulling the pen on a grenade.

  • Writing stuff down….
  • Surfing groupon for cheap classes…
  • Bouncing ideas around
  • ‘thinking about it’

Are all the equivalent to cowering at the bottom of a fox hole with your finger on the pin telling yourself “I swear I’ll pull this pin once…”

And NOTHING will happen until you commit and pull that pen.

Think about this…

All good things in your life were once grenades that you were nervous about taking action on.

And who knows – maybe you’re not ready…and that’s perfectly ok…

but if you’ve read this much something tells me you’re ready to pull the pen and make  2016 the year  you make your comeback, take control and finally get the body you’ve been chasing for too long…

if so…

check out our  42 DAY FIT DADS CHALLENGE

but we only accept 15 ‘pin-pulling-grenade-launchers’ into the program…no half-asser’s allowed.

Click The Link Below And Check It Out Before We Fill It Up


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