These are a handful of the Women that were stuck in a rut and bogged down with chaotic schedules…frustrated with how they looked and felt…and were ready to do something about it -but didn’t want to ‘suffer’ through feeling starved by restrictive ‘diets’ or having their body destroyed in the gym…


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People smile when they see each other. The coaches are amazingly knowledgeable about bodies, movements, strength, flexibility, and even the psychological aspects of human behavior, and what drives us. They clearly care about their clients…so much they refer to as “family”

I LOVE going to work out, to see my friends, to see the coaches, to listen to music that I never would have turned on......oh, oops! 🙂

The workouts have been fabulous!!! My body has improved its balance of structure, coordination, and I've had monumental strength advances. My mind is more clear, my diet is better, and my attitude has become sunny again.

The next year will no doubt bring new challenges. They'll be SO much easier to overcome, because of the positive mindset that IMPACT has provided!!!

~ Patti

I joined Impact to lose weight and get in shape following graduating from college and starting a 40-hour a week desk job.

I didn't expect to like the workouts as much as I do, but I am now addicted to them thanks to the friendliness and support of the Impact Crew.

Since joining, Impact has taught me the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition and armed me with the right tools to lose 25 pounds! For the first time, I've found a fitness lifestyle that helps me get results, constantly challenges me and makes it fun."

~ Kassie

I was introduced to IMPACT in January 2013, just after my 30th birthday.

Prior to then, I had never regularly worked out besides attending yoga classes once a week, at best.  I was equal parts terrified and excited to be at my first Saturday bootcamp---terrified that I wasn't fit enough to make it through the class, but excited to try something completely new.

I immediately fell in love with the coaches, the people and the upbeat, friendly atmosphere at IMPACT.  Since  that day, I've run two half marathons, 400+ miles, completed my first Tough Mudder and have gained a sense of inner confidence I've never known. I'm so grateful to the IMPACT FAM and all the coaches for helping me find a sustainable, enjoyable fitness routine that has truly changed my life!

~ Sara H.

Coming to Impact was one of the best choices that I have ever made. Not only did the workouts and motivation really take my fitness to the next level by helping me lose 70+ lbs, & compete in my first bikini competition but it also inspired me to make a career move and become a trainer and head back to school to learn about nutrition.

~ Hailey

Over the last 18 months I’ve been the beneficiary of tremendous love, knowledge expertise, friendship and support while changing my body and so much more. The team at Impact has partnered with me on my journey to lose weight, get stronger, be fitter and find the healthier lifestyle that eluded me for a long time. Their support, knowledge, and expertise, along with their friendship, guidance and remarkable understanding of what I needed and when has led to not only a 60lb weight loss, but a reenergized life for me. I can’t say enough about the safe, supportive, fun environment at Impact, or about the skills, commitment, flexibility and caring of the Impact team.  They have truly traveled with me, and continue to travel with me, on the path to achieving my goals.

~ Melissa

My goal was to lose weight so that I could get off my cholesterol medication and then later be fit and healthy so that I could get pregnant. Two years later I have lost over 60 pounds, am off my cholesterol meds and have a happy and healthy 5 month old daughter.  The best part is that I was able to exercise throughout my entire pregnancy which made it so much easier to bounce back after giving birth.  Now at 5 months post baby I am back in the gym and am even below my pre-pregnancy weight.

~ Sarah W.

I was 7 months post-partum,  depressed, upset with how I looked and overall scared out of my mind to step foot into a gym.

I was 5’6” and weighed 181lbs. My body fat was over 33%. Everyone at Impact took me in and showed me the way. Not only did they help me with my weight loss and nutrition goals, they taught me how to implement healthy habits in to my everyday life, something that would stick forever.

Being a mom of 2 girls, I wanted/needed fast results to keep me focused, on track and motivated.

Today I am 142lbs and about 24% body fat and still working towards my fitness goals. I have so much to thank IMPACT for and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Impact fam!

~ Kayla

I have a high level of expectation for anyone who will be instructing me. The last 8 months at Impact Strength have helped me shift my mindset from defining myself as 'fat' or 'skinny'. I now strive to be fit and strong, and am encouraged to do so by the motivating, highly knowledgeable, fun, dynamic team who push me to be the best version of myself. Whether it's doing more pull-ups than I thought possible or feeling great in my skin, the mixture of personal training and boot camps have help me hit goals I never thought possible. When you walk into Impact Strength you are not just another 'member', you are part of their family!

~ Sabrina

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