You Soft like a Marshmallow?

Who loves being called out for being soft?

And by soft I don’t literally mean “I touch you and you’re soft.”

Not Marshmallow soft.

I’m talking in terms of people who say they’ll commit to something and then throw in the towel at the first hardship they encounter.

In the fat loss industry being soft is also known as yo-yo dieting.

*Yo-yo’ing is for people who –

  • Say they’re committed but aren’t really.
  • Like doing 21-day fixes (kinda) to get ready for a wedding/vacation etc. so they can party their ass off and go back to their comfortable lifestyle immediately after
  • Like telling people (and themselves!) their on a diet so it looks like they’re trying but deep down they know they’re not
  • Are the people who say they’ve tried “everything” but nothing works (no you haven’t tried everything – especially the most important part of any diet – A WORD CALLED CONSISTENCY.)

I’m not calling anyone out in particular. If anything I’m calling myself out.

I yo-yo all the time with my programming.

In the past I’ve been a professional “program hopper” with my training. It’s akin to shiny object syndrome. I’m on a program that’s awesome. I’m dialed in. My progress is great. I’m having fun with it because it’s new. And then all of a sudden the program isn’t doing it for me.

I get bored.

So I jump ship to the next training program that some pro strength coach I follow has just released that’s marketed as the hottest, most advanced and awesome training program EVER.

I buy it and with renewed energy and enthusiasm I go ALL IN…for 2 or 3 weeks.

And sooner than later I’m in the exact same boat. Not seeing any progress. Bored. So it MUST BE THE PROGRAM, RIGHT?

That’s what I’ve been telling myself at least.

When in all reality it’s not the program – it’s me.

And the program is just the program anyways. ALL STRENGTH TRAINING programs have some version of –

  1. Progressive Overload
  2. Undulating periodization
  3. Linear progression


The principles remain the same. The methods vary.

I can see the matrix when it comes to writing strength and hypertrophy programming. I see the 0’s and 1’s floating in the air. I get it.

For a long period of my life, however, I didn’t understand the principles in regards goal accomplishment, will power, and consistency.

Now I do.

I’m not program hopping anymore. And guess what – I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m 10 lbs lighter than I was last time I was at my previous max strength.

I didn’t do anything different with my program. I didn’t have some magic formula or “hacks” to give me an instant 10% increase in my strength.

I stuck to the same damn program I wrote 16-weeks ago.

And hallelujah! (Weird – right?)

So what’s the solution?

Own up to your BS and acknowledge you’ve got some work to do on yourself before jumping into the next program/diet/relationship/business venture etc.

Take a personal developmental course.

Hire a life coach.


Practice the fundamentals DAILY (eat/drink clean, move with intention, go to sleep)

Keep It Simple.

But if you want your garden to grow, first you need to pull out those pesky weeds, or else you’re going to forever limit your garden from flourishing.

So step up to the plate and take some ownership.

Every time you point your finger at one thing when looking for something to blame – turn around and point 3 fingers right back at yourself.

Take care of your human (yourself). We’re blessed to have one.


*I’m not discounting all few people who actually do stick to the program 100% and don’t see results. Majority of the time you’re either:

A. On a bad/the wrong program for them (hire a coach who knows what they’re doing)

B. Have unaddressed metabolic issues that make it much more difficult to see body transformation results (see a metabolic specialist)

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